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Hope you had a great birthday Grace!

Happy 29th birthday Grace Helbig! (September 27th, 1985)

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New to town with a made up name,

In the angel city chasing fortune and fame,

And the camera flashes, make it look like a dream.

When I’m away, I will remember how you kissed me

Under the lamppost back on Sixth street

Hearing you whisper through the phone,

"Wait for me to come home."

use headphonessss enjoy :-)

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Lights go down, and the night is calling to me, yeah, I hear voices singing songs in the street And I know you know I’ll remember you, And I know you know I know You’ll remember me, touching me And your eyes keep saying things, They say what we do, When it’s only me and you tell me that you hurt, it’s all in vain, But I can see your heart can love that’s been wasted, People Always, Trying to escape it, Move on to stop their heart breaking, But there’s nothing I’m running from, You lie when you’re looking at me, So keep trying but you know I see what it’s like, I see what it’s like for day and night, Never together ’Cause they see things in a different light Like us But I do what I please, Way too many people in the Addison Lee Now I’m at the fire beneath my feet is burning bright The way that night, No it doesn’t even matter ‘Cause we got all night, And we’re going nowhere, Why don’t ya I wanna break these walls, I speak a different language but I still hear your all I want so much it’s hurting, You’re all I want so much it’s hurting.


My hands, Your hands, Tied up Like two ships, Drifting, Weightless, Waves tried to break it, I’d do anything to save it, Why is it so hard to say these words I thought were never said You’ll say we’re better off together in the cab now, Our lips getting so attached, so attached now, You wanna make some moves now, Cool then we’ll watch them break tonight The ground beneath my feet is open wide, The way that I’d been holding on too tight With me (ooh) ’Cause right now everything is new to me (ooh) You know I can’t fight the feeling and every night I feel it too, Let’s stop pretending, That you don’t know that I don’t know I’ll remember you, And I know, you know, I hope you’ll remember how we danced, (Oh, oh, oh, yeah yeah yeah) we’re on fire, we’re all on fire, We’re on fire now And I’ll be waiting for this time, To come around, But baby running after you Is like how I’ve pictured it So I don’t have to keep me from falling apart, I’ll always hold on, ’Cause you is like I’m waking up to, Only half a blue sky, Kinda there but not quite I’m walking around with just one shoe, I’m half a heart without you, I’m half a man at best song ever, it was the best song ever, it out, Saw the mistakes of up and down, Meet in the middle, There’s always room for lunch down by the river, We can you give it back to me, she said never in your heart, And if you wanna cry or fall apart, I’ll be there to hold ya.

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